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BE YOUNG™ - KidsStrongBones NUTRIENT Pills[A]

60 Chewable Tablets

We all want our little ones to shine in life! BE YOUNG™ - KidsStrongBones chewables are ideal for children, in a mouth-watering chocolate flavour they're bound to love. Expert nutritional support for kids; Calcium, Vitamin D3 & Magnesium for children's growth and development
A tasty way for your child to get these essential nutrients they need every day. Produced with children's specific needs in mind to provide Vitamin D3 plus Calcium to help build their bones and teeth

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MRSP : ₹ 1322.00

Product Description

BE YOUNG™ - KidsStrongBones is essential for Children's growth and development. Delicious chocolate flavour vegetarian chewable. From an early age, kids are required to eat three servings of dairy every day to give us strong bones and teeth, but it is not always easy. Kid’s Strong BonesVitamin D calcium chewables, taste delicious and are a great way to top up kid’s nutrition intake. Vitamins are important for healthy growth & development and, as part of a balanced diet, Calcium promotes strong bones and teeth. Calcium & Vitamin D are needed for normal growth & development of bones in children.
BE YOUNG™ - KidsStrongBones is an excellent formulation food supplement which promotes the growth of the bones along the muscles in children and provides proper bone density according to the age of the child. With kids these days becoming selective about what food they’re eating, this product helps provide the necessary nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium which are essential for a growing children. Evidence suggests that healthy practices early in life, including the adequate consumption of calcium and trace elements, contribute to normal bone health and optimal bone mineralisation. Peak bone mass, obtained during childhood and adolescent growth is known to be of major importance in maintaining bones later in life.

For children 3-12 years, chew two tablets once daily with a meal. These chewable tablets are not designed to be swallowed whole. Do not exceed the recommended intake. We know adults also love the taste and you can follow the same guide.

❖ Contributes to children's growth and development   

 Helps in maintaining strong bones

❖ Maintains bone density

❖ Helps in calcium and phosphate absorption

❖ Facilitates ion and electrolyte conduction

❖ Increases muscular strength and endurance

❖ Calms nervousness and anxiety

❖ Relieves muscle aches and spasms

❖ Essential for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth