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Swish Pulling Rinse

200 ML

Betru presents India’s very first non-greasy, non-sticky pulling rinse made with our signature blend of all-natural ingredients. Simply sip, Swish, and rinse to begin your mornings with a bright and healthy smile!

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Product Description

 A power packed mouth swishing serum created with signature

botanicals for optimum dental health. Your daily dose of well – being. A small change in

your routine, a life-long healthy habit! 100% Vegetarian, 100% Natural!

Inspired from ancient Ayurvedic practise followed by celebrities around the globe from

Anushka Sharma, Shilpa Shetty to Gwyneth Paltrow!

Betru’s Swish Pulling Rinse is carefully formulated coconut oil is bursting with coco-

nutty goodness topped off with minty-fresh feeling with goodness of grape seed oil,

almond oil. Designed to give you brighter pearly whites and a detoxified mouth & body.

Swish Pulling Rinse makes swishing enjoyable, non-greasy and easy! 

Shake the bottle gently to ensure the blending of the signature botanicals. Take about a teaspoon (6-10ml) of the swish serum into your mouth. Begin swishing. Allow the flavours to develop. Continue for 5 to 20 minutes. Allow the serum to be pulled and pushed in between the teeth. As the volume of saliva mixed with the serum grows, take a break and rest in between, while holding the serum in your mouth. Feel free to perform light chores while using the serum. Remember not to swallow or gargle while swishing. Spit out all the serum and rinse your mouth. Feel the lingering fresh flavour, moisturised tissues and smoothness of teeth, and enjoy your day with a wonderful smile. For best results, make Betru Swish Pulling Rinse a part of your daily care routine, and be sure to swish for up to 20 minutes as you get accustomed to its use.

 Freshens breath
 Helps to detoxify mouth & body
 Balances mouth microbiome
 Whitens teeth
 Makes gums healthy
 No alcohol, bleach, sugar,no artificial flavour or colour